Contemporary Outdoor Living


Designing a small space can read well with contemporary elements. These elements can create a space to give function for cooking, relaxing, and transitioning without the maintenance of mowing. My client loves the contemporary urban vibe of Austin, Texas. And, therefore, materials were chose to accomplish this goal.

The design was inspired by the basalt limestone found in Austin, TX by my clients. It is darker in hue than #8 or #57 and is a good contrast against the natural colored concrete pavers. There were only three materials used throughout the entire project. Concrete, limestone, and astro turf.

The larger concrete pavers were poured and framed. Measurements are very key to making the elements and materials deliver balance, harmony, unity, and hierarchy within the design elements. From there, the rest unfolded into the spatial design and the relaxing environment was achieved.

Potted planters helped bring vegetation back into the space. My client wanted lemon grass to help deter the mosquitoes since the warmer weather was approaching, and used simple boxwood hedges inside the troughs.