A Petite and Natural Spot

Mastering small urban landscapes into multi-functioning spaces has been a specialty of mine lately. I like to change up the pace from large estate overhauls to small designs because I can focus more on the details that the space requires, and the clients needs.

These particular clients of mine have small children that need a place to play and a place for the adults to lounge. When approaching the design, I had to chose which areas were the wisest for what the landscape was doing. The area chosen for the dry creek bed system was on the outer part of the yard where the water drains to. The parents are not fond of plastic toys, so they fancied sand and earth materials. This way, the water is filtered and the children have a natural system to be creative in. I designed it so that the sand is cradled inside the drainage rock and can be the dry zone of the space.

The clients also needed an area to relax and bar b que. When I sat down to design out the spaces, I chose a very feng shui approach which allowed the natural elements to create the balance. Flagstone was already placed at one of the two sidewalk entry points, so we continued the story and incorporated it as the lounge area with a fire pit. A dining table and BBQ pit will nestle nicely in the cozy space.

The next phase will be to include a custom playset that slides into the sand pit of the dry creek bed, and is multifunctional as a vegetable bed.
Astro turf was also considered due to lack of maintenance, but given the price of materials currently, that was substituted with sod.

Now that it is completed, this family can now enjoy an upcoming birthday party in their newly designed outdoor living space.